Dust off your gloves!

The inaugural Ellusionist Grand Prix 2018 has begun. 6 decks, 3 rounds and only one winner.

The challengers are upcoming concepts that are yet to go to print. Depending on YOUR votes, they might never get there.

As they enter the ring, you’ll be able to back your deck by casting a free vote. The one with the biggest crowd behind it delivers the knockout blow to it’s opponent and advances to the next round.


Each deck in the tournament will be put in a head-to-head battle with another.
The deck with the most votes advances to the next round.
Once 3 decks are in the semi-finals, we’ll put them on sale and you can back them.
The deck with the most sales will be crowned heavyweight champion of playing cards 2018 and added to our roster of continuously printed decks. They won’t be a limited print run.

This is no-holds-barred combat to decide the true champ-champ from our upcoming playing cards.

The bell has rung and they’re all fighting dirty.

Round 1
Cards and coffee, a match made in heaven. Roasters capture the feel of the classic coffee house, looking perfect spread across a dented zinc counter top framed by coffee rings and specs of single origin grit. The backs are inspired by the ornate tile flooring of these java temples, complimented by the off-white backgrounds and earthy recolored courts. The coffee theming of the deck is light and usable, whilst the sparks of teal lift the design as a whole.
The Serpents design flourishes from the mythology of Ouroboros, an ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail; the infinite cycle of nature's creation and destruction. Linked to early alchemy and shamanism, the devouring snake has been a part of the mystical arts of countless cultures, cementing itself in renaissance magic and modern symbolism. This bright, bold and modern update, like the symbol, is constantly recreating itself.